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Hälsocentralen has in excess of 45 years’ experience and has conducted more than 600,000 health assessments for over 1,000 companies. Our strength is helping to prevent ill-health and sickness by offering regular, systematic health assessments. As our corporate customers, your employees will be invited to a health assessment at the recommended intervals.
Your employees will always get personal feedback on the results of their examination from the physician, even when everything’s normal. The results are also compiled in a digital health report that is sent via the Kivra app. We offer good continuity between physician and patient and take care of any health problems we uncover.

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Our collaboration

A service contract will be signed between us based on the current price list. To ensure the best possible collaboration, your company should assign a contact person to serve as a liaison between us. We make every effort to maintain a good dialogue so that all your employees are duly invited and given full information before their health assessment.

We maintain regular contact as regards assessment invitations depending on age: under 40 years old, every three years; between 40 and 50 years old, every two years; over 50 years old, every year.

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Engaged doctors and nurses and a professional demeanour.

— comment made in a customer survey

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Magnus Wällstedt, kundsamordnare vid Hälsocentralen.

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Customer coordinator

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