Safe medical care

Sophiahemmet Hospital works continuously and systematically with quality and patient safety issues. Safe medical care is a guiding principle in our work.

Our work targets

Our overall goal is to have as high and steady level of quality in our medical care as possible. To be successful in reaching this goal, we must understand our patients’ needs, requirements and expectations. Satisfied patients and customers are our strongest motivators and proof that we are professional in our work.

Sophiahemmet is quality certified

”For qualified, up-to-date care”. This was how H.M. Queen Sophia formulated her insightful vision for Sophiahemmet already in 1889. This healthcare vision remains applicable for today’s quality and healthcare development.  Requirements for quality-assured activities and management systems are currently inscribed into law.

Sophiahemmet AB has been quality certified in accordance with SS-EN ISO 9001:2008 since November 2008. We continuously review the results of our work to guarantee and develop the quality of our healthcare, which is part of our efforts to provide the safest level of care possible.

Deviations from documented processes and procedures as well as unexpected events in the business activities are reported to the responsible managers. Each deviation is analyzed and resolved. Actions taken are then followed up and evaluated by Unit Heads and the Chief of Medical Officer, who is responsible for quality performance at Sophiahemmet.