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Health Assessment Premium

With our Health Assessment Premium you’ll be given a record of your blood counts and other physiological statistics, advice on how you can maintain or improve your health, and help to obtain the right care if you need it. You’ll also get personal feedback on the results of your examination from the physician, even when everything’s normal. All for your own peace of mind.


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Examination by a registered nurse

Your first visit

You’ll see one of our nurses, who will check your vision at long and short distances, hearing, lungs, ECG, blood pressure, weight, height, visceral fat (height of stomach), blood and urine. If you’re over 50, we’ll also check intraocular pressure and analyse your stools for the presence of blood. You’ll then complete a healthcare questionnaire, and this plus your test results will provide your physician with the information he or she needs on your next visit.


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Physician’s appointment and health status

Your second visit

Your second appointment is with your physician, who will go through your questionnaire and test results with you. He or she will also conduct a physical examination, after which you both will sum up your health status. Depending on the outcome, you might have to discuss and plan a follow-up. Approximately one week after the doctor’s visit, you will also receive your results digitally via the Kivra app.



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Care and contact when you need it

Between assessments

If you have regular health assessments, either through your company or privately, you’ll have access to our nursing advice line all year round. When necessary, you can renew prescriptions, make an appointment with a physician or get support from our Health Advice Centre.




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Thank you for treating me so kindly. Even though I was almost five minutes late and stressed, the welcome I received was like a reassuring hug.

— Comment from a customer quality evaluation


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