Sophiahemmet Hospital - world-class healthcare

Sophiahemmet has been providing medical care, education and point-of-care research since 1884.

Medical care at Sophiahemmet Hospital is provided partly in-house through the wholly-owned subsidiary Sophiahemmet AB, and partly through carefully selected healthcare providers with independent companies that provide specialized medical care in over 50 different companies. Sophiahemmet AB’s own businesses include Försäkringsmottagningen (outpatient clinic for patients with private health insurance), Husläkarmottagningen (General Practitioners’ Unit) and Hälsocentralen (the Health Clinic) as well as operating and medical wards.

The independent healthcare providers who currently provide medical care at Sophiahemmet bear the business and legally-binding medical responsibilities for their business activities. The publicly financed medical care provided by healthcare providers at Sophiahemmet is performed on behalf of the county council which has the overall principal responsibility for all medical care carried out within the county. Healthcare is provided through different types of healthcare agreements, such as free choice or procurement. These agreements are different for each business activity. Consequently, the type of care provided is detailed in the website for each individual healthcare provider.


Sophiahemmet’s healthcare providers are accredited for specific medical areas after a thorough scrutiny before being authorized to conduct business activities at Sophiahemmet. The Chief Medical Officer at Sophiahemmet is responsible for the accreditation process.

High level of ambition

All medical care at Sophiahemmet shall be provided with high quality and the highest possible level of safety. Business activities shall be conducted at a high level of ambition, with the goal of being “best in class” within the specialty area. Healthcare providers shall participate in relevant quality registers and be transparent when reporting their results, with the goal of providing patients the best possible care with the highest safety standards possible.

A center for each specialty area

Sophiahemmet’s model is structured around a larger healthcare provider for each specialty, which we call specialty centers. In some cases, such as the Heart, Lung and Allergy Clinic, several independent sub-specialists collaborate in a common center and healthcare company. Each center takes full responsibility for the quality of care and the development of business activities. The Head of Department has the primary responsibility for the care provided by each healthcare provider.

A complete healthcare concept

The healthcare providers who operate at Sophiahemmet Hospital commit to accreditation as well as adhering to Sophiahemmet’s policies and practices within:

  • Patient safety, quality work and environmental performance
  • Brand, values and corporate culture
  • Research, education and development
  • Cooperation between specialist centers
  • Service – all of the supporting services must work effectively, from IT and property development to cleaning and mail management. Everything that is necessary to provide the safest medical care and as optimum of an experience as possible for our patients.