Hälsocentralen price list for companies

Price list for companies with a Hälsocentralen contract

Annual service fee per subscribed employee (not including VAT) SEK 720
Health Assessment Premium SEK 4 200
Health Assessment Premium Express SEK 6 300
Health Assessment Senior (70+) SEK 6 800
Medical appointment arranged during health assessment* SEK 450
Physician’s appointment (independent of a health assessment)** SEK 2 000
Nurse’s appointment (e.g. blood tests, removal of stitches) SEK 350
Health Advice Centre (weight loss, dietary advice, diabetes)
– single visit SEK 500
– three-visit package*** SEK 1 400


In the event of a missed health assessment, Hälsocentralen reserves the right to charge 100% of the fee.

In the event of health assessment or any other cancelled (within 24 hours) appointment, Hälsocentralen reserves the right to charge 50% of the fee.

* e.g. a new physician’s appointment or supplementary tests
** Any required tests and examination not included
*** To be paid on your first visit and completed within a year


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