Welcome to Sophiahemmet Hospital!

Sophiahemmet Hospital provides highly-specialized medical care to all patients and has contracted over 350 specialists in a variety of specialty areas with our approximately 50 independent healthcare providers.

At Sophiahemmet, a physician will be assigned specifically to you to manage your care throughout the entire period; otherwise known as a patient-assigned physician or a ”patientansvarig läkare” (PAL) in Swedish. All of our healthcare providers are accredited to conduct healthcare services at Sophiahemmet.

We strive to provide the highest quality of service and care by placing a clear focus on patient safety. This same approach has transcended our activities since Sophiahemmet was founded in 1889. Our values also serve as the guiding principles in our work.


represents care, sensitivity, business-mindedness and quality.


represents responsibility, participation, empathy and respect.


represents cooperation, flexibility and transparency.


represents continuity, renewal, positive patient interaction and atmosphere.

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