Sustainability goals

Sophiahemmet’s sustainability goals are set by the management

Our goals are based on our sustainability policy, the important environmental aspects, patient and official demands and our operational environment. There are four perspectives to our sustainability policy:

Promoting health

General goal: To raise awareness of Agenda 2030 (goal 3: Good health and wellbeing; goal 4: Quality education for all; and goal 12: Responsible consumption and production) and sustainable development amongst our staff.

Patient safety

General goal: To deliver effective, safe medical services of the right quality and to offer preventative healthcare solutions.

Integrating sustainability into research and education

General goal: To raise awareness of Agenda 2030 and sustainable development in research and education.

Climate and resource effectiveness

General goal: To manage and run our properties and facilities in a manner that is sustainable and proactive and that respects ecological cycles.

Each goal has one or more focus areas with underlying activities and metrics that are followed up on and evaluated once or twice a year.