The Sophiahemmet brand: stemming from a vision that continues to live on today.

Her Majesty Queen Sophia’s vision

In 1884, Her Majesty Queen Sophia launched a nursing education program to modernize and improve healthcare in Sweden. Given the shortage of functional workplaces where the Sophia nurses could practice their skills, Sophiahemmet Hospital was built on Valhallavägen in Stockholm in 1889. H.M. Queen Sophia’s vision for qualified, up-to-date care for individuals from all levels of society sets the standard even today. Fostering quality care through education and health/medical care as well as supporting point-of-care research continues to be the aim of Sophiahemmet. The brand is strong and associated with high quality. This quality is embedded in the education as well as in the medical care to ensure safe and secure healthcare.

The Sophiahemmet brand

Sophiahemmet’s brand originates from October 1901. A letter was circulated to all Sophia nurses in the country and included a clear challenge that they should wear a band on their left arm with a specific symbol, a crowned SH emblem. H.M. Queen Sophia awarded the emblem to Sophiahemmet and this has been used as the hospital’s symbol since that time. The background behind the challenge was the fact that “bogus” Sophia nurses were a rising trend. As a result, the Sophiahemmet brand was protected already at the beginning of the previous century. Everyone working at Sophiahemmet bears the responsibility of preserving the brand today and into the future.