Quality and environmental certification

“For quality, modern care” – Queen Sophia’s insightful vision for Sophiahemmet as set down back in 1889.

This vision of care still holds for our commitment to quality and patient safety.

Quality and environmental certification

To ensure that we meet the legal requirements and continue to develop in terms of patient safety, quality and environment, Sophiahemmet has applied for ISO certification. We received EN ISO 9001 certification in 2008, since when internal and external audits have been performed annually to ensure the continual improvement and development of our management system. In 2004 Sophiahemmet obtained SS-EN ISO 14001 environmental certification and we maintain a well-implemented environmental management system, which is also subject to annual internal and external audit.

Internal audits are our way of making sure that we are working correctly. The purpose of the audits is to give the management information and to ensure that our business reality complies with the quality and environmental management system and that the management system complies with the prevailing standards and legal requirements. External audits are performed by a third party to ascertain whether the demands of ISO certification and the relevant laws are being met. External audits are a requirement of certification.

Apart from all this, we regularly review the results of our business to maintain and develop the quality of our services in our endeavour to provide the best and safest care possible. We also work closely with Sophiahemmet University to provide resources for its students and researchers.