Your appointment

Read your appointment invitation carefully and bring it with you when you come to Sophiahemmet. This will assist you in easily locating your healthcare provider. Please also remember to bring your ID.

If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please do this as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. To reschedule or cancel, contact the healthcare provider you are scheduled to visit directly. The telephone number can be found in the appointment invitation. You will be responsible for payment of the appointment fee if you are not present for the appointment or cancel after the deadline. This applies even if you have a free medical care card.

Parking and transportation

There are limited parking facilities at Sophiahemmet and we recommend that our patients get a ride, take a taxi or use public transportation. If you are unable to arrange transportation and use your own car, please arrive with sufficient time to spare as there are limited parking spaces around Sophiahemmet. You may need to wait or search for some time before locating an available space. There are also parking spaces on Valhallavägens allé, just a few minutes’ walk from the hospital. Remember that the hospital grounds cover a large area and it is a good idea to know which building you will be visiting before you arrive. The building information is provided in your appointment invitation or by your healthcare provider directly. If arriving by taxi, provide the letter of the building to the taxi driver. Welcome to Sophiahemmet!



Wi-fi is accessible throughout a majority of the hospital grounds. Select “The Cloud” in the list of available networks. The Cloud wi-fi connection is provided free-of-charge and does not require a log-in. As with any public network, you are individually responsible for what you do when you are connected to a public network.


Consider patients with allergies

Given that some of our patients have allergies, we ask that you avoid fragrant flowers as well as skin and body care products. Dogs are also not allowed at Sophiahemmet Hospital.


Eating at the hospital

There are two cafés that serve coffee, sandwiches, pastries, etc. in the lobby of Building A and Building O. The cafés are open Monday – Friday during regular business hours. Lunch and snacks are also available at Sabis Restaurang in Building C, and is open Monday – Friday, 11 am – 1:30 pm. Food is also available in the Östra train station area outside of these hours. Please observe that it is not permitted to bring food to all of the facilities within the hospital. We ask that you show consideration for other patients and instead visit our cafés or restaurant.

Smoke-free hospital

Sophiahemmet is a smoke-free environment. Accordingly, smoking is strictly forbidden anywhere within the hospital grounds.

Important information for relatives after an operation

Direct contact by telephone

If your relative has granted permission, you may telephone the contact nurse in the medical ward for information regarding the health status of your relative. The medical ward staff will answer the telephone 24/7, although the afternoon hours are normally the best time to call.

When will the operation be completed?

The scheduled operation time is preliminary. However, we aim to achieve a smooth flow from the medical ward to the preoperative holding bay, onto the operating ward and then the recovery room. Depending on the length of the surgery and the need for medication and nursing care, the patient will return to the medical ward when fully awake with a satisfactory level of pain medication and stable vital signs.

The time from when a patient leaves the medical ward and returns after surgery can vary between 3-8 hours.

Visiting hours

Visiting hours are between 1 pm and 7 pm each day. This allows patients and hospital staff sufficient time for medical rounds and lunch.


Flowers for patients are appreciated and vases are available to lend. Please avoid strongly fragrant flowers due to allergies.

Hand hygiene

Visitors are encouraged to use the hand disinfectant located outside the medical ward and in the patient’s room to reduce the risk of spreading unwanted bacteria. Use the disinfectant before and after your visit.

Do not visit the medical ward if you have a bacterial infection or virus.

Mobile telephones

You may use your own mobile phone in the medical wards.


You may send mail to patients staying as an inpatient at the hospital. Mail should be sent to: Sophiahemmet’s medical ward 2 or 3, Building O, Box 5605, 114 86 Stockholm.


The closest pharmacy is Apotek Elgen, Drottning Kristinas väg 1, near the Östra train station and the Tekniska Högskolan subway station.

Contact us


Contact your healthcare provider directly if you have any questions about your care. You may also telephone our main switchboard during normal business hours at 08-406 20 00.

Please contact your healthcare provider if you have any questions about your care or a scheduled operation.

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