Copies of medical records

Medical records for outpatient care are stored in an archive by the treating physician at the applicable clinic and should be requested directly from this clinic.

It is also important to obtain the name of the patient-assigned physician before the medical record is requested.

Medical records for inpatient care are stored centrally in Sophiahemmet’s archive for 10 years. Medical records older than 10 years are destroyed, excluding medical records regarding heart operations at Sophiahemmet.

Please note that there are two different medical record request forms, one for the healthcare provider and one for the patient. The form is submitted to the named treating physician for requests applicable to outpatient care and to Healthcare Planning for requests applicable to inpatient care:

Fax: 08-406 21 55

Postal address: Name of healthcare provider, Sophiahemmet Hospital, Box 5605, 114 86 Stockholm

Requests regarding both outpatient and inpatient care are best sent to the named treating physician.

If the request for a copy of an inpatient medical record is urgent and after regular business hours, the healthcare provider form can be sent by fax to the medical ward:

Fax: 08-406 21 05

The patient’s written consent should be attached, as appropriate.

Please note that expenses for document production, copying and postage can be charged to the person placing the order. Contact the applicable clinic for information and possible charges.