Sophiahemmet Hospital

Sophiahemmet Hospital

With around 40 independent care providers covering most fields of medicine, Sophiahemmet Hospital offers highly specialised healthcare on behalf of Region Stockholm, other selected regions in Sweden and insurance companies. We also receive private patients. We are committed to providing our 600,000 or so patients with world-class medical care.

Sophiahemmet’s care providers are accredited to our very high standards, which include our policies on our values and professional manner. All to ensure that you will be taken care of professionally, safely and personally. If you have any complaints or views on your treatment, you are always welcome to contact us.

You don’t have to work in a hospital to help ease the pandemic. Washing your hands often and thoroughly is the most important contribution you can make!

Vi på Sophiahemmet har jobbat med vård och omhändertagande av högsta kvalitet sedan 1889.

Vi strävar efter absolut högsta kvalitet på vår vård och vårt omhändertagande genom ett tydligt fokus på patientsäkerhet. Samma synsätt har genomsyrat verksamheten alltsedan Sophiahemmets tillblivelse 1889. Vägledande för oss är också vår värdegrund.

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